Peels Treatment Promotion

Purchase  any 5 peels and receive 1 for FREE*

Alpha Peel – R 690 each

Radiance Peel – R 690 each

Beta Peel Salicylic Acid – R 750 each

Beta Plus Salicylic Acid – R 600 each

TCA & Retinol Augmented Peel – R 1050 each

Retistore Plus – R 1050 each



Valid until  1 June  – 31 Dec 2017

What are chemical peels and how do they work?

This is how your skin regenerates. It’s vital for life. But, as we get older, our skins often have trouble shedding at the right time. That’s when you start getting poor complexion, enlarged pores etc.

Chemical skin peels do exactly what the name says. They assist your body in “peeling” away old and unwanted skin cells, to speed up the regeneration process. The skin peel breaks the bonds between old, unwanted cells, making them “drop off”, to allow new cells to grow in their place.

With hyper pigmentation specifically, this process gets rid of the darkly pigmented cells faster. This allows the new, even-tone cells to take their place. So doing, the hyper pigmentation goes away faster.

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