Why I wanted to be a Somatologist

A Somatologist is a person who is interested in assisting others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through information and practice of healthy life style habits, product use and clinic treatments.


Helping and serving people is my passion! Since I was a little girl living on the farm, I pampered my mom and sister with “facials”, “manis” and “pedis”. Even the boys had their turn! So it was only natural that I ended up studying skincare at Isa Carstens in Stellenbosch. But even back then I didn’t think I would love skincare as much as I do today!

For me there is nothing as rewarding as changing something or improving something on a persons skin that changes their emotional well being and the way they see themselfs.

I love science and anatomy and reading about new technology – being knowledgable is key in life my dad always thought me.

I want my client to ask me questions, I want them to be informed about themselves. I wish to be the stepping stone, as a somatologist, to help people understand themselves better.