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Eye Rejuvenation

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes they reveal more than we would like and occasionally even the wrong messages.


As a plastic surgeon, the eye area is more than just the eye and the eyelid. It includes your eyebrows, your upper and lower eyelids and includes the area where your lower eyelids meet your cheek. Treatment of one area impacts on another, so the entire eye area needs to be evaluated and treated as a whole.

Changes in this area include drooping and thinning of the eyebrows, excess upper and lower eyelid skin, lower eyelid bags and dark rings and laugh lines at the outer edge of your eye.


For simplicity’s sake, I will discuss a few areas separately.




The eyebrows

The eyebrows have received their fair share of attention these days. According to E News, Leonardo de Caprio had his eyebrow specialist flown in from out of town before the Oscars to ensure his eyebrows were red carpet ready.


Although brows come in different shapes, there are a few universal features that contribute to a beautiful youthful brow.

The eyebrow should be full, not thin and over plucked. In women its position should be just above the bone of the eye socket and in men, it should be at the level of the eye socket. The tail of the brow should be slightly higher than the inner part with a curve that reaches its highest point at the outer edge of the iris (coloured part of the eye).


Drooping of the eyebrows results in an apparent skin excess of the upper eyelid and a tired and sad look.

Deep grooves between the brows make us look stern, unapproachable and angry.

A full thick brow is associated with youth, and a thinning brow with advanced age and overaggressive plucking.


Treatment options:

Depending on the severity the brows can be lifted with Botox, Silhouette Soft Threads, filler or with a surgical brow lift.

Deep grooves between the eyebrows can be corrected with Botox and Filler. Most of these treatment can be performed in the doctors rooms with very little discomfort and no down time.

Thinning brows can be filled with microblading tattoos, where each hair is tattooed onto the brow. Do not be tempted into having the brows tattooed higher than where they would normally be on your brow. This makes any other rejuvenation treatment of the frown difficult and you could end up with a bizarre overly surprised look.



Laugh lines/crows feet

These wrinkles on the outside of the eye area are caused by smiling and squinting in the sun.  These wrinkles are exaggerated by volume (fat)  loss over the cheeks. Think of a balloon 2 days after a party, the deflation causes wrinkling.

Treatment options:

Botox injections over the outer part of the eye  or filler over the outer cheek.


Excess upper eyelid skin

The only treatment for skin excess on the upper eyelid is surgery. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty will remove the excess skin and muscle and sometimes any excess fat. This can be done under local or general anesthesia. The eyes will be bruised and swollen for at least a week.  The stitches are removed 5 days after the surgery. Keep in mind that a drooping eyebrow may need to fixed before or at the time of surgery.


Lower eyelid bags and dark circles

The lower eyelids are the most complicated part of the eye area with regards to rejuvenation.  There are numerous factors that need to be addressed. These include skin excess, fat in the lower eyelid bags and the loss of fat and volume over the cheek. The tension of the lower eyelid and its position in relation to the eyeball are other factors that may need to be treated.

Treatment options:

Minor dark circles and small bags can be masked with filler. This technique addresses the surrounding volume loss to create an even surface.  This is one area that your doctor should be well qualified in. A small mistake could have devastating consequences.



Lower eyelid surgery can treat a number of problems in one operation.  A mid face lift can be performed at the same time through the lower eyelid incision. This is performed under general anesthesia.

A consultation and examination by your plastic surgeon is essential before embarking on any treatment. All your treatment options will be discussed and an individualized treatment plan will be made.


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