Bridal Beauty – Franselle Rossouw

Happy Brides are the Prettiest Brides

These are the words I think of when I first met Franselle. We had the amazing experience of assisting Franselle to become a glowing bride on her beautiful day.

I met Franselle 5 months prior to her wedding day. After our consultation we decided that giving her that radiant skin for big day was her number one priority.  We changed her product range to treat the congestion (breakouts) she was experiencing. She was feeling dry and was scared of new products for breakouts and for being sensitive for it.

“I experience this alot with client – there biggest fear is reacting to products. As they always feel burning or tingling sensation to creams. only reason your skin does this is due to your own skin ph is not correct. If you have the correct PH balanced cream this will correct this in 10 days” – Nicola du Toit Skincare expert

We worked out a treatment package to assist her on her journey to her special day. The program consist of 1 Dermapen and 5 chemical peels.

The Dream team:

Photographer – Adele Joubert Photography
Wedding planning & decor – Kleine Valleij Neo Venue
Bridal makeup –


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