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This is how skin peels fix hyper pigmentation

The long-term treatments for dark spots, freckles and Melasma may differ, but chemical skin peels are ideal for removing existing hyper pigmentation.   Hyper pigmentation is extremely common in our sunny South Africa. And it only gets worse in summer. That’s why chemical...

Maria Kroes on her Special Day

“My experience with Layers Skin Clinic was a dream come true. I was referred to Nicola by a friend and from my first appointment I was very pleased with the result and excellent service. Nicola is a soft, friendly and welcoming...

What is the true cause of my hormonal pigmentation?

Some call it “the mask of pregnancy”. Others say melasma or chloasma. But it’s all hormonally induced hyperpigmentation, and it shows up as spots or splotches of discoloured skin especially on the cheeks and around the mouth. And, left untreated,...

What are chemical peels and how do they work?

The chemical peel is one of the most honest skincare treatments around. It doesn’t hide behind fancy name. It is what it says: a chemical solution that harnesses your body’s natural processes of renewal, which can largely be summed up...

7 Surprising facts about Melasma

Heat, stress, poor blood flow and a lack of sleep are all factors that worse your hyper pigmentation, but there are also a few surprises when it comes to melasma specifically. Here’s what you need to know.   Any hormonal supplements...

Mareli Strauss’ Special Day

This family celebration was not only an amazing experience pampering the bride on her special day, but her mother too. The mother of the bride was treated to long lasting lashes, while the beautiful bride had a full body wax. Layers...

Preparing for Winter

Dryness, dehydration and dull skin are all conditions we suffer from in winter - all after-effects of a sunny summer. And the shortening days and drier air of the transitional season are not doing your skin any favours. Now is the time...

Melissa’s Wedding Day

I had the honor and privilege to be part of my clients' journey to her special day.   Photographer – Abri Kruger Photography Make up Artist - Alicia Buckle Skin care therapist – Nicola du Toit  |  Layers Skin Clinic   TREATMENTS We improved Melissa skin before...

Dr Cordula Winkler – Eye rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation The eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes they reveal more than we would like and occasionally even the wrong messages.   As a plastic surgeon, the eye area is more than just the eye and the eyelid. It includes...