Bonita Schreuder – Skin care

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren (quote)


I started my skincare journey with this stunning women 4 years ago, now at the age of 60 she looks more beautiful than ever.

Her skin is healthy,  well preserved and nourished by the correct products and sun avoidance. She is a normal healthy woman, that loves being with friends and always has a vibrant side to her.

Being her age, hormonal imbalance sets in and depletes the skin of it ability to regenerate and barrier impairment. My aim and focus is on giving her skin back, what it knows naturally and what would fire up the cells to start working at its normal rate again.

With ageing skin this is difficult, because cell production slows down and the amount of active cells you have left are very little. Lucky this client avoided the skin from a young age – due to have a fair skin – and now has no sun damage or no solar lentigines or keratosis. All sun legends caused by over sun exposure.  So improving her texture, wrinkles and glowing skin.



We incorporated natural growth factors naturally found in your skin like: Vitamin C boosting her cell and collagen productions and Retinoic acid that boost skin immunity and removal of elastosis. These were the ingredients we always keep in the beauty cabinet for our ageing clients as they are naturally founded in the skin and the ability to restore the skin with the assist of professional treatments.

We varied and changed her products for seasonal changes. From Hyaluronic acid in Summer to L -ascorbic acid in winter. She use, and is still using, a variation of Skin Ceuticals:

  • Lamelle Dermaheal range
  • Heilocare 360 and Helase
  • IS Clinical youth eye serum
  • and professional treatments:
  • Dermapen
  • Retistore Peels
  • Botox around eyes – as she wears glasses and over uses the muscle around the eye area
  • No Fillers

Like all skin types, this is a continuous maintenance program for her. We have had the privilege of being part of both her daughters’ weddings and keeping her skin in tip top shape, and excited to continue this journey with Bonita, by being her personal skincare trainer.


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