Dear Bride-to-be

I hope you’re enjoying this blessed time before you say “I do”.

I’m here to make sure your skin looks and feels great on your special day. We’ll start with a consultation, where I’ll do a thorough inspection of your skin in order to recommend the correct products and treatments. We’ll also chat about prepping your skin for make-up on your wedding day to ensure you’ll be a beautiful blushing bride.

At Layers, we offer a variety of treatments, including a bridal package. We’re passionate about skincare and believe it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Let us guide you on this journey by giving you the best recommendations for your skin.

It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


your skin is your canvas for your make-up, by doing rejuvenating treatments we can enhance your natural glow.

Full set and fill after 2 weeks.

Brow shaping with each peel treatment, to keep those brows looking perfect.

To give you perfect feet for your perfect day.

We recommend that a consultation is made 6 months prior to your wedding to finalise suitable dates for treatments to ensure our bridal package enhance your natural beauty and makes your wedding day a cherished memory.

Waxes, Fake Bake Spray Tan, Gelish Manicure, Harmony Prohesion Acrylic

At Layers Skin Clinic each client is unique, for that reason particular programs are designed to facilitate each individual client’s needs. We recommend that a consultation is made 6 months prior to your wedding to finalise suitable dates for treatments to ensure our Bridal Package enhance your natural beauty and makes your wedding day a cherished memory.

Should you have any additional requests for information regarding our bridal package or additional treatments contact us at Layers skin clinic.



  • Cellulite // AKA Orange Peel⠀
How to start busting Cellulite now - start bikini season the right way this year! ⠀
My recommended product is: Body Crackle⠀
// Get Cracking Right Away 💥 ⠀

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  • Think about sunscreens – you need UV absorbing ingredients to stay on the skin surface in order for them to have any benefit. ⠀
What about skin lighteners – certain ingredients will need to make it all the way down to the hypodermis to inhibit the enzyme responsible for melanin production, whereas others will need to stay on the skin’s surface in order to have a bleaching effect. ⠀
Those wonderful antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients? They need to stay in the epidermis and dermis for them to do what they say they’ll do.⠀
But one thing is absolutely clear: it is impossible to put a figure on this absorption rate and it is impossible to estimate how much ends up in our bloodstream. Every person is different and every chemical is different. It is always good to question what you put on your skin but your body’s response will be different than that of a other persons. ⠀
My advice to you? Read your labels, understand what you’re putting on your skin and consider a gentler alternative if you want or need one. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious. If you don’t want to use certain ingredients, then cosmetic chemists need to look for alternatives. ⠀
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  • About Nicola // Why I wanted to be a Somatologist

A Somatologist is a person who is interested in assisting others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through information and practice of healthy life style habits, product use and clinic treatments.

Helping and serving people is my passion! Since I was a little girl living on the farm, I pampered my mom and sister with “facials”, “manis” and “pedis”. Even the boys had their turn! So it was only natural that I ended up studying skincare at Isa Carstens in Stellenbosch. But even back then I didn’t think I would love skincare as much as I do today!

For me there is nothing as rewarding as changing something or improving something on a persons skin that changes their emotional well being and the way they see themselfs.

I love science and anatomy and reading about new technology - being knowledgable is key in life my dad always thought me.

I want my client to ask me questions, I want them to be informed about themselves. I wish to be the stepping stone, as a somatologist, to help people understand themselves better.

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  • External health starts with internal health 🍊
TGIF // Have a super healthy weekend

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  • Remember // We’re all individuals⠀
And if that all wasn’t complicated enough, all of us have different skin types depending on our age, skin colour and environment. Even the seasons affect the ability of our skin to deal with different chemicals. Even the specific activity we’re doing can affect how chemicals penetrate our skin and how they are then further absorbed.⠀
As an example Essential Oil Massage. It is a type of massage with lots of essential oils. These oils penetrate into the skin as the massage itself increases blood flow to certain areas of the body. Although many essential oils contain lots of wonderful chemical compounds that have anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties, some also contain skin sensitisers and allergens.⠀
People with skin disorders such as dermatitis or very dry skin may also be sensitive to certain chemicals penetrating deeper into the layers of their skin. Their skin’s barrier properties can be compromised which means that the defences normally inherent in our skin are not functioning as normal.⠀ #layersclinic #layers #clinic #skinlove #skinclinic #remember #different #people #individual #penetration #essentialoils #oils #sensitive #healing #properties ⠀
  • Skin Tip // Penetration rate of products ⠀
Penetration rates of chemicals into the skin are also affected by the body part they’re applied to. The skin on the soles of our feet is very thick, whereas the skin of our eyelids is extremely thin. Absorption rates on our face and scalp are 5-10 times higher than on other parts of our body (Hotchkiss, 1994).⠀ #layersclinic #layers #clinic #1994 #skintip #skinlove #skin101 #penetration #products #absorption #rates #soles #feet #face #eyelids #thinner #thicker
  • Don't wait until it is too late // start today

Prevent and Protect this will avoid the Correcting.  #layersskin #skincaretips #skincareessential #skintip #prevent #correct  #protect #starttoday  #skincareisimportant  #skincare101 #skincareclinic #healthyskin #stellenbosch
  • First thing in morning I do // Cleanse my face. ⠀
Most people find it unnecessary to cleanse their face in the morning. Well for me except for just washing sleep out of my eyes I am also removing my exfoliator. ⠀
My go to exfoliating product at night is Retinol or Retinoids. Exfoliating and renewing my skin from bottom upwards, I don’t need more.⠀
The reason for washing this product off in the morning is not because it wil make my skin UV sensitive, it is because the molecules of retionds are UV sensitive to sun light and will denature and to add my real UV protector my SPF and pigment blockers.⠀
Rather wash your face than cause damage. ⠀
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