Dear Bride-to-be

I hope you’re enjoying this blessed time before you say “I do”.

I’m here to make sure your skin looks and feels great on your special day. We’ll start with a consultation, where I’ll do a thorough inspection of your skin in order to recommend the correct products and treatments. We’ll also chat about prepping your skin for make-up on your wedding day to ensure you’ll be a beautiful blushing bride.

At Layers, we offer a variety of treatments, including a bridal package. We’re passionate about skincare and believe it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Let us guide you on this journey by giving you the best recommendations for your skin.

It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


your skin is your canvas for your make-up, by doing rejuvenating treatments we can enhance your natural glow.

Full set and fill after 2 weeks.

Brow shaping with each peel treatment, to keep those brows looking perfect.

To give you perfect feet for your perfect day.

We recommend that a consultation is made 6 months prior to your wedding to finalise suitable dates for treatments to ensure our bridal package enhance your natural beauty and makes your wedding day a cherished memory.

Waxes, Fake Bake Spray Tan, Gelish Manicure, Harmony Prohesion Acrylic

At Layers Skin Clinic each client is unique, for that reason particular programs are designed to facilitate each individual client’s needs. We recommend that a consultation is made 6 months prior to your wedding to finalise suitable dates for treatments to ensure our Bridal Package enhance your natural beauty and makes your wedding day a cherished memory.

Should you have any additional requests for information regarding our bridal package or additional treatments contact us at Layers skin clinic.



  • Skincare Treatment Special || Movember
Purchase any SPF for your male partner or yourself, and get 15% discount on your Skin Ceuticals Pigment Balancing Peel.⠀
Valid until 30th Nov'18⠀
For more information email me at  #skinceuticals #promotion #discount #sunscreen #layersskin #november #lamelle #skincare
  • Whats New (s) // LUNA 2 mini ⠀
Customise your cleansing experience. ⠀
Do you ever feel like your cleanser just doesn't clean your skin enough and you need something more? Something that removes all the dirt and impurities? However, over cleansing with the wrong cleanser can do more harm to your skin than good. So what do you do?⠀
This is when I discovered the LUNA 2.⠀
LUNA 2 is a unisex cleansing tool suitable for all skin types. It drives away dead skin cells and unclogs 99.5% of pores from dirt and oil aka make up. ⠀
And unlike other cleansing devices with bristles that require excess sterilisation and transfer bacteria onto your skin, the LUNA 2 is made from an ultra-hygienic silicone that is nonporous and resist bacteria buildup. Preventing transfer of bacteria (??) and making your skin glow. ⠀
For more info on this product please email me.⠀
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  • Saturday skincare tip // ⠀
Remember Sun burn fades but Sun Damages last.⠀
Even on cloud covered days UVA rays damage to your skin is still the same. So wear you SPF daily even when in door or out doors.⠀
Our darken skin types skin will even darken with SPF applied because of the type of melanin by just daily exposure but it is the damage that you want to avoid.⠀
Our lighter skin type are less fortunate and our damage is obtained quicker.⠀
So look after your skin - you would regret the good choices you make today.⠀
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  • Men's Health // Movember 
Skincare / Skin health should be as important to men as it is to women.

As November is the month to bring awareness to men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. I think we should also bring awareness to skin health as men actually have a higher rate of skin cancer than women. 
When it comes to the skin, men have thicker, more oily skins with larger pores. 
So cleansing it properly should be essential to avoid build up of dead skin cells, clogging of pores and to make sure you remove the dirt and impurities off the skin.

For all men suffering from beard ingrown hair aka 
Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.

I recommended the Luna 2 - 3-In-1 Facial Scrub Brush, Pre-Shaving& Anti-Aging Device.

Easy to use and resulting in your razor blades to last twice as long. For more info please contact me.  #movember #menskincare #skincaretip #awareness #testicularcancer #prostatecancer #skincancer #skinhealth #layersskin #foreo #luna2 #folliculitis
  • About Nicola // Micro blading best decision I have made!⠀
I am not a tattoo person at all and get bored very quickly with things. So I thought this will never be for me but how pleasantly surprised I was. ⠀
Most people at first glance think my brows are naturally this way. I actually find it to be a complement as they appear natural and that was what I wanted.⠀⠀
I find that brows do frame your eyes and face. So by just applying foundation after my spf in the” morning, my face looks done.⠀
Some indivuals have gorgeous brows and I will say never change them but for those less fortunate like I was - micro blade them. ⠀ 
My micro blading was done my Margaret Osborne permanent make up. Please have a look at her Facebook page.  #microblading #natural #brows #layersskin #aboutme #permanentmakeup #skintips #beautytips
  • New(s) // Heilocare 360 Oil Free ⠀
Comes in 3 new Innovative Shades of Sun Protection this Summer⠀
Beige | Bronze | Pearl⠀
This product is:⠀
Sebum-regulating and moisturising ⠀
Has natural even skin tone with matte effect and no shine⠀
Full-spectrum UVA, UVB, SPF 50+, HEVL, IRA⠀
Powerful anti-oxidant and repair activity⠀
Make sure you get yours!⠀
#beachbagready #new #products #heliocare360 #tintedsunscreen #spectrumoflight #protection #uvrays #skincare #layersskin #skinclinic ⠀
  • Ask the professional //What is skin cancer? ⠀
Dr Cordula Winkler Says | Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon⠀
"A cancer is a mass of cells  no longer functioning as they should, that continue to divide and grow resulting in the formation of a tumor. There tumors can present in different ways depending on the type of cell that is affected. ⠀
So what do we need to look out for? Take a look at your moles or any other lumps and bumps on your skin.⠀
A.  Asymmetry. If you draw a line throught the middle of your lesion, are the two halves the same?⠀
B.  Border: is the lesion clearly defined?⠀
C.  Colour: is the lesion the same colour throughout?⠀
D.  Is the lesion less than 6mm in diameter?⠀
E.  Evolution: Has the lesion remainded the same wihtout itching, bleeding or the same size?⠀
If you answered NO to any of the above questions, its time for you to see you doctor about it.⠀
A dermatologist is the best specialist to be able to diagnose what type of lesion you have. This may require the need for a biopsy, where either a part of, or the whole lesion is cut out and sent to the pathologists for an analysis. If the skin lesion is large or positioned in a cosmetrically sensitive area, you will be referred to a plastic surgeon to have the tumor removed surgically.⠀
Looking after our skin and preventing further radiation damage is possible.  The following are tips that you have heard before:⠀
1.  Stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm⠀
2.  Wear clothing to cover any exposed skin⠀
3.  Wear a hat ⠀
4.  Use and reapply sun block often. ⠀
Enjoy the summer responsibly!"⠀
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  • Stop trusting Dr Google // Seek professional help ⠀
If you have recurring breakouts, rather seak advice from a trained Somatologist/Dermatologist. Most people misdiagnose and mistreat their symptoms. You can actually make your concerns worst.⠀#seekprofessionalhelp #skin #education #trust #professionals #dermatologist #somatologist #skincaretips #layersskin #stellenbosch