It’s never too early to start taking care of your most important asset – your skin. We’re here to help you.
After the “windows of your soul”, your skin is the first thing people notice about you, so best you handle it with care. At Layers Skin Clinic, we have in-depth knowledge of the skin and all its different layers. We also understand that stress, pollution and sun are the main reasons for dull and damaged skin, but these culprits are not always easy to avoid. Fortunately we offer the treatments, products and technology to help you discover your most perfect complexion.

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  • Skin Ceuticals Serum 10 in South Africa 🇿🇦 ⠀
I love antioxidants and believe everyone should use one.⠀
Skin Ceuticals serum 10 is ideal for sensitive skins.⠀
When I explain or think of sensitive skin as a skincare expert I think of clients prone to eczema, rosacea clients, clients travelling a lot, dermatitis inclined clients or client's that just have an impaired barrier and are new to using medical strength vitamin C on there skins.⠀
So serum 10 is ideal for clients wanting that glow that only vitamin C gives you but can not handle hight amount of Furelic acid or L ascorbic acid. ⠀
There are other options as well like⠀
Obagi Profession vitamin C⠀
Lamelle Vita lipid but non of them have the ratio and percentages of Furelic and L ascorbic combined.⠀
So when choosing a serum ask your skin care expert to assist you and find the right one for your skins needs.⠀
For info on any vitamin C or this serum please email me or send me message. I will personally assist you and guide to make the right choice for you. ⠀
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  • Carry on skincare ⠀
I do recommend an ”in air skin routine” when travelling. ⠀
The main reason for it is to remove any impurities or makeup from the skin. ⠀
It is not so that your skin can breathe - your skin does not have gills 🤨⠀
Impurities and makeup can clog the skin and even sleeping with mascara can deposit pigment into your skin if slept on with it.⠀
Nothing is better than having fresh complexion when arriving at your destination and bonus it is good for your skin. ⠀
My carry on bag consist of three products and they are cabin friendly ⠀
Obagi wipes⠀
Lamelle serra restore ( I decant a small amount into container)⠀
Healthcare 360 Water Gel⠀
Cotton rounds⠀
My routine would be⠀
Wipe my entire face neck and chest with one wipe⠀
Wet two cotton rounds squeeze out water wipe my face - this step is not needed ⠀
Apply serra restore and Water Gel ⠀
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  • Friday thoughts 💭 ⠀
Maintaining healthy skin is easier than fixing one⠀
Being compliant with your skincare regime is essential while you are young ⠀
Most of our skin issues started before you hit your teens⠀
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  • #Repost @minkivanderwesthuizen with @get_repost
Swipe links om die ‘before&after’ te sien. Dankie liefste @nicoladutoit29 vir my stunning lashes! @layers_skin • Oorbelle @ayalabar_sa • Nails @bio_sculpture_sa @nail_room_stellenbosch
  • Travellers skin / Part 2⠀
I needed:⠀
So it was the correct thing to repair hydration in my skin with Hyaluronic acid, but the conditions with travelling and climate were just too much for my regular moisturiser. ⠀
I need to say this as well.⠀
Not all barrier creams are the same; please also take note of that. That is why ask your skincare expert what would work best for your skin type.⠀
As my barrier was impaired and not having the right product their it took my skin four weeks to improve. I also could not used any actives - retinol's or AHA.⠀
Only slightly enzymatic exfoliation.⠀
I hope this helped you and if you are unsure what you need to pack or what works for your skin send me an email at ⠀ ⠀
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  • Travellers skin⠀
In my recent travels to the UK, I thought me being professional in the field of skin would have no issue with my skin. ⠀
My skin was so dry even though I knew the dos and don’ts of taking care of my skin.  So I want to share with you what I have learned what to pack in when you are roaming abroad.⠀
Let me start by explaining what happens to skin when travelling. In the cabin, your skin loses water due to air being circulated. Humidity levels in the atmosphere are lower. A kind of osmotic effect outcome. Dehydration in old fashion terms will then happen. Most people think that consuming water will improve, the answer is yes and no. The fluid loss in your skin is made up of more than water and these fluids, including Hyaluronic acid hydrating your skin.  So to replace this, you need humectants in your products. Some people skins are more prone to to ”dehydration” that others- so take that also into account when travelling.⠀
My symptoms where: ⠀
Dry, uncomfortable skin⠀
Intolerant to certain skin products⠀
Also, you will only see these symptoms  3-4 days after arriving at your destination. ⠀
So this barrier disfunction is caused by ⠀
Going from the outside cold into warm-up buildings⠀
The humidity of the place you are visiting ⠀
I see it as those bags they place in your shoe boxes. It attracts water/ moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to protect the shoes. This gives you an idea what travelling is doing to your skin.⠀
What to pack?⠀
I did pack my usual moisturizer (as it works very well with my skin type and concerns in the humidity of South Africa) and packed extra Hyaluronic acid. My humectant I new I needed.⠀
I love Lamelle HA plus Hyaluronic acid as the research behind is fantastic, and it works.⠀
It did not work sufficiently. It was like pouring water into a glass and not putting on a lid and leaving it out in the sun. I needed barrier repair cream.⠀
Read my recommendation in part 2.

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  • Back to make an impact⠀
After a well-deserved break, I am back.⠀
I am excited to start sharing tips and techniques that would improve my client's skincare journeys in 2020 ⠀
I will share my personal experiences as a professional in the field of skincare and skincare products.⠀
So stay tuned in🌿⠀
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